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Body Cameras Waste Disposal Staff
Body Cameras Waste Disposal Staff
Florrie Jacobs
Florrie Jacobs
May 31, 2021
2 min

Body Cameras

Provided to Staff on a Trial Basis

It is also important to keep in mind that these cameras do not replace the need for emergency safety lights or sirens on officers’ patrol cars. The officers wearing body cameras are also able to continue responding to calls for service and fully protect the campus by always having their patrol car lights and siren activated when warranted.  While testing of the body cameras is still underway, we have already witnessed a positive impact on both campus police officers and students. If you had any concerns about police interactions, this extra level of transparency might alleviate some of your concerns.Police Body Cameras are one of the fastest growing technological advances in law enforcement. Body cameras give a voice to those who might not otherwise be heard. They protect good officers from false claims against them and hold bad cops accountable for their actions. Body cameras can also help resolve complaints, assist in investigations, and work in favor of officers when it comes to testifying or giving other testimony. In many cases, they have proven beneficial to the community members as well as the police force and the department itself.

Leicestershire Public Unhappy with Budget Cuts

The council said the decisions would affect 1 per cent of the population who lived in “vacant or derelict properties”, but residents said they would be forced to cut back on food and heating bills to afford recycling payments.  The leader of Leicestershire County Council, Paul Blantern, said: “We understand a small minority of people may have concerns about not receiving their full service but it’s the only way we can keep your council tax down.”. Leicestershire County Council and its taxpayers are having a tough time seeing eye to eye. It was announced in the past few years that the council will make savings of over 100 million pounds ($144m). This is because they aren’t getting enough money from central government. The council has decided to stop paying for some recycling services, which led to an angry response from people living in the county.The Leicestershire County Council is looking forward to £2 billion worth of savings as a result of increasing financial pressures, which means householders can expect to see changes like more potholes on roads. Now it’s unlikely the county council will actually achieve making £2 billion worth of savings in the next few years, but it’s no surprise that people are unhappy about this new budget.Leicester residents are unhappy about budget cuts, and it’s not even from the council. The City of Leicester has a population of 350,000 people, with plans to grow to 500,000 by 2030. Although some areas of the city are full of posh shops, most people do not have much money in their pockets. Therefore, a budget cut cannot be easily absorbed without feeling the pinch.Leicestershire County Council has been under pressure to save money, and faced even more so when the government imposed further cuts. The government announced yet more cuts on April 1st, this time slating Leicestershire for more than £100m. Many residents feel that the cuts from central government won’t be repaired by savings Leicestershire is expected to make.

Protection for the

Front Line Workers

Those in charge of collecting and disposing of the UK’s industrial waste put themselves at serious risk every time they go on their daily rounds. People are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental devastation caused by pollution, and it seems that their protests are being taken out on those who work to keep the environment clean. This copper wire recycling center has teamed up with ‘PSC Protect’ to install CCTV cameras into their helmets on the front line so that any potentially violent demonstration can be recorded from a safe and legal distance. Using covert video and audio recording equipment, these staff will have evidence of any assault against them should they need to prove it in court.


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