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How To Dispose Of Yard Waste
How To Dispose Of Yard Waste
Florrie Jacobs
Florrie Jacobs
May 31, 2021
9 min

1. Rent a dumpster

A dumpster rental service is an easy and practical way to dispose of all your waste. Dumpsters can conveniently fit on your driveway or in your garage, or anywhere you need it. A good thing about renting a dumpster is you don’t have to lift heavy objects. Just lift up the roll-off container, throw in your furniture and appliances and then call the company. After they pick up your items, they will take care of everything else.2. Empty the grass from the lawn. When you empty your lawn, it will help you to sort out leaves and dirt from it. Basically, you need a large trash bag to hold all of this waste until you have filled one. Remember, how much bag you need is depending on the size of your lawn. Decide how much lawn waste will fit into the trash bag before collecting it in.

2. Local Trash Collection Service

The basic idea behind hiring the local service is to have someone collect your small amount of yard waste without your presence. When you are too busy to dispose of the trash, then this helps a lot. Some local services have a wide number of customer clients. This reduces the cost as you will end up paying a small fee to dispose of the waste in your area as compared to the service mostly offered by the cities where you have to pay significantly higher fees for paying a waste disposal service. In such cases, the collection charges are not high enough to bother you. As someone thoughtfully says “There’s no free lunch, but there are plenty of free lunches if you know where to find them!”. Local trash collection service has the same price with the local dump. However, they offer different services. They collect waste from homes and businesses during scheduled days of collection. In this case, you can schedule your waste collection at any time you want without waiting for the local service. The service is also reliable as they use their own vehicles for collecting the waste from the clients’ doorsteps. You can ask them to dispose of large amount of waste in a trip.2. Local Trash Collection Service. The easiest and the cheapest of disposing of the small amount of yard waste is to provide the waste to the local collection service during the day of waste collection. Not that you need to collect the waste and pack it with small bags to dispose of it easily. This is the cheapest way, but you cannot dispose of the waste at the time you need.Considering that the budget is tight and you need to pay the bills at home, it is recommended to opt for local collection service. If you live in the suburbs and the amount of waste is little, then this collection service will be sufficient. You can leave the waste to be collected on the day the people come from the company.There are also the small waste disposal companies which you could call when necessary to collect the small amount of waste at your home to dispose of it. This is convenient for you but not cheap because you will be paying them by the hour and miles they drive from their place to your house.

3. Junk Hauling Service

Junk hauling services are one of the best ways to dispose of your garage junk. The professionals will clean up the place and sell all the junk. Junk hauling services are a good option for households with multiple cars as well as people who do not own a car, but have piles of junk to get rid of. It is also a good option for people who are tired of getting phone calls about their unwanted stuff, or just want to get out from under the weight of their belongings.Hiring a junk hauling service offers the convenience of getting rid of waste at one go. It is also less expensive than hiring a team of workers through house cleaning services. The company will come up with their own equipment and get rid of the wastes without breaking anything in your house. They will give you a reasonable estimate after taking into account their material cost, time and labor as well as your local landfill charges.The last and final option for disposing of the wastes is hiring junk hauling services. These waste can be taken to the recycling centers where they will be recycled, or discarded in any other place. The professional service can be hired by the day or by the hour and charged accordingly to the amount of waste. The job would only involve collecting the junk waste and disposing them efficiently.The use of a junk removal service may help you sort and clean out your home. It is great if you need help to get rid of unwanted junk but not something you can rely on all the time. A junk hauling company is helpful when you are just too occupied in other things that cannot give attention to the cleaning and sorting.If you have a lot of waste left after doing the cleanup, then you need to get the help of junk hauling services. It is a professional service which is available in every area, and they will take away all sorts of waste from your property. All you need to do is make one call.

4. Burn Your Yard Waste

Burn your yard waste. They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but when it comes to yard waste materials, one person’s yard waste becomes quite another person’s treasure. If you have piles of cypress, fir, pine or evergreen trees lying around your house and they are too big for you to haul away, then it might be time for you to burn them. Burning your yard waste may seem a bit unusual, but imagine how amazed your neighbors can be if they find out that your house was clean enough to be located right next door to an evergreen forest!. Burning your yard waste can be a great alternative to actually having to dispose of it. What do mean ‘yard waste’? We actually mean everything that you cut from your garden such as shrubs, tree branches, weeds, leaves etc. You might think that you could just put it in a garbage bag and dump it outside the house but then you have to consider what type of bag you use. Some people go for plastic bags; these will be fine initially but don’t last a long time and can end up in landfills quite easily.Burning Yard Waste has always been a concern in the neighborhood. If you build your garden or fence or even home around two years ago and now you want to burn waste again, you need to let people know this is going to be done. The best time to do this is when you are doing the initial construction talks with people. Announce it from the very beginning so that everyone knows that there will be burning of waste involved and they should prepare for it.Burning your yard waste is a very effective way to get rid of it. Burning will also kill any pests, and make the remainder of your waste suitable for use in compost. Never burn your green waste when it’s wet, if you are unsure how much should be dry before burning then contact your local council or by searching on Google. You generally should be able to get rid of all of your garden waste once and for all with one burn.5. Protect It.  You need to make sure your yard is well protected and away from crime because criminals are more attracted to places that are not protected. There are many way to secure your yard and neighborhood. You can bury a metal cage around the property line of your home or just fence your entire house with a high-grade steel mesh or chicken wire .

5. Recycling your Yard Waste

The yard waste is waste that is produced by the yard keepers. They usually gather leaves of their lawn and send them to the recycling plants. This helps them to recycle the organic items and convert it into soil for gardening purpose. If you have some extra space in your backyard, then gardening is a great idea to try out for weekend gardening activity. As much as you can, try out recycling of your own natural resources for your garden purpose.Organic materials have become common in our daily life. Humans produce a lot of organic wastes such as household garbage, waste water which you cannot treat at home and any other source of household waste. These things are important for recycling because they can return into the environment as an active resource. Recycling is really an investment in your community’s future.There are many waste which we get in our life. Most of the waste are discarded or disposed by the housewives. Recycling is one way to conserve the environment by reducing the amount of rubbish. There are many ways of recycling yard waste or garden waste by yourself instead having large piles in your yards.Here in the United States, we are fortunate to have the option of recycling most things that would normally be considered as waste. It has long been proven that recycling is one of the best ways to prevent depletion of our raw natural resources.Yard waste is a organic waste and it’s usually generated when the leaves fall from the trees or lawn mowing. It can be vegetable matter or woody or grassy yard debris. You can reduce your yard waste by following some simple techniques.How to recycle Yard Waste ? There are many ways to recycle the waste by yourself, instead of eliminating them. Recycling is the best process to prevent raw natural resources.

6. Rent a woodchipper

After the cleanup, rent a woodchipper to convert the woody debris. There is a misconception that you don’t need to remove the wood chips as they have merit in other applications such as mulching but it is always better to leave them out if you are planning on using the yard. Green waste can be used as a natural manure and improves the quality of the soil. Some people are happy with mulching and use it in their garden beds. If you want to do this, cut down your branches and sticks into small pieces before mulching or renting a chipper.Once you are through cutting everything down, it is time to load the branches and sticks into the chipper. The chipper will shred specific branches and wood so that you are able to have mulch to use for gardening or filling in holes on the ground. The chipper will help turn your waste into something useful. The chips from the woodchippers can be used as a nutrient supplement for soil.Before buying a woodchipper, it is important to check the size of your garden. Woodchippers work well on small gardens because they will have no problem dealing with soft stuffs. However, if you have large piles of sticks and branches, could rent a chipper so that your yard would not be spoiled by the chipped leaves or unwanted twigs.Cut down the branches from the lawn by using an axe. If you are not comfortable with an axe, you can also use a bow saw. You just need to chop them in small pieces for the chipper.

7 ways to dispose of yard wastes

When we buy a house, the first thing that we have to do is to paint the walls. Not only this will bring a new look to your house, but also it will really freshen up your home. It may not be cheap, but it must be done in order to maintain the value of your house.   However, too much paint can make it look dirty and dusty. So there are several ways for you to restore its value.

7. Sell the log

In addition, if you want to sell your firewood without obstacles, apply for a permit for a sales point. You must show documents indicating that you have permission from the government to sell your goods on this point. If you want to do business in another place than the place agreed upon, it is also very good. It can add a little additional income to your wallet at any time.There are many houses in the country that are using logs instead of stoves. Some of the functions require a large number of logs to burn. To sell your log, you need to first cut down the wooden pieces and place the board in front of your home as Logs for Sale. So even a stranger can buy some logs from you. So you can earn some from your wastes instead of eliminating them.Sometimes the trash generated by our activities can be sold to neighbors . It is a good idea to check out what people can buy from you. There is always someone who wants your waste and then pays you for it. Some of the waste products generated in our homes includes papayas, mangoes, metal, glass, wood, furniture, clothes etc.If you are not interested in this advertising method, you can give your Logs for Sale a cost that is more affordable to your immediate neighborhood. Then go to the nearby communities and find out who is willing to pay for a certain amount of logs.You can also take it to your local wood shop where they will buy the logs from you for certain price. From there, you can put aside some money as well or you can also take the credit of the cash receipt so that you may use them anytime in future.In addition to the log, you can also sell the scrap. It is basically broken parts of wood. You can keep selling these pieces until they are gone, because they will eventually be used. Usually, people make paper out of them.


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