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Is Covid 19 Is Affecting Waste Disposal Sites
Is Covid 19 Is Affecting Waste Disposal Sites
Florrie Jacobs
Florrie Jacobs
May 31, 2021
2 min


tips closed as part of UK lockdown? If you search for tips in your town, will you find them? Are local authorities running the sites to test resilience to infection in advance of the busy summer period? Are they being kept open by businesses with less flexible supply chains? Are they mothballed?.


waste disposal services are currently operating in Leicestershire? I advise all readers to check with the local council before travelling to waste disposal sites during the week of Easter. The plants are expected to be busier than usual, and it’s worth bearing in mind that gardens can be perfect dumping grounds for any of your old furniture or unwanted white goods - local councils would prefer people didn’t dump their goods at a waste disposal site, as this can create an extra burden on both the staff working there and also the landfills, which is why they’re keen to get word out before more stuff is left behind at these sites.Domestic rubbish such as sofas, clothing, electrical goods and non-recyclable waste in general is supposed to be collected at least once a week from homes in most areas of the UK. However, the decision to suspend collection was taken by local government or the companies themselves after the company which handles 55% of the UK’s rubbish presented a business plan which showed it could no longer operate without increase in its charges.Waste disposal services are currently operating in Leicestershire? The government has called on local councils to now plan for the reopening of local domestic waste and recycling sites, and a full list of reopening dates are expected to be published in the coming days. In the meantime, there are a small number of sites currently opened, but you should expect queues if you visit.It’s been a week since the last update and we’re still in the dark on the number of waste disposal sites that will reopen. We have had a few reopening that were announced as private sites, but we haven’t had any clarification on what the situation looks like at local authority owned sites. They will be following a slower process due to contracts they have in place.There are a number of council run sites that have been opened in the wake of the crisis, and a small number of independent firms are also offering services. If the situation worsens then more domestic waste disposal sites could be opened.Super Recycling’s household recycling centre (HRC) has reopened for business following a three day closure to allow the site to receive its next delivery of recyclable materials.


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Florrie Jacobs

Florrie Jacobs

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