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Recycling Waste Disposal
Recycling Waste Disposal
Florrie Jacobs
Florrie Jacobs
May 31, 2021
1 min

Fly Tipping Is Illegal No Matter What Waste Your Dump

It was a big haul, and it is unclear how the waste ended up there. Nevertheless, the authorities made sure that it didn’t stay there very long. According to Leicestershire County Council, the waste removal London crew came over to collect it from the field. And all this despite reports that no charges were filed because “the waste appeared to be suitably removed.” But the culprits know they are doing something illegal when they dump their trash illegally.

The Good News

The Managing Director of Aggrecycle, Phil Ireland commented, “The key to becoming the best for recycling in Leicestershire is by making sure that we are offering a service the people who live here want.  There has been an encouraging review of the new website and an obvious drive to embrace the high quality design. We’ve worked hard at our own rebrand with the core values of the company remaining while we’ve taken on a new identity.”. A lot of the bins that Aggrecycle place will be rebranded across the county, this is due to them being sold out. However, the company has reassured that even after the rebranding process, these containers will continue to offer cheap rubbish removal services in Leicestershire. The company is proud of what their customers are saying about them and they have heard quite a few positive things since their establishment.It is using the rebrand as a way to reflect the focus of its core business, services and ethos to its customers, employees and the people of Leicestershire. This would include creating greater awareness of green initiatives in place at Aggrecycle, such as their recycling centres which have been recycled and LEED-certified.The company is celebrating its 10th anniversary, having operated since 2008. Aggrecycle secures household and business waste disposal contracts with local authorities and provides a housekeeping management service. Its flagship Environment Agency-approved hazardous waste disposal facility is based in the county.Aggrecycle , one of the UK’s leading rubbish recycling companies, has unveiled its new corporate identity, including a unique brand name. The move comes as part of a move towards becoming even more sustainable as one of the pioneers in the recycling and waste disposal industry continues to expand rapidly.


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