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Restaurants Make Most Of Their Waste Management
Restaurants Make Most Of Their Waste Management
Florrie Jacobs
Florrie Jacobs
May 31, 2021
6 min

Educating Your Employees

The high turnover rate in the hospitality industry is a direct result of employees feeling like they are not being heard. In most cases, waste management is not even on their radar, but when you educate your employees how to reduce, reuse, and recycle reducing waste and operating more efficiently will be top of mind. You are never going to get the amount of buy-in necessary unless you flesh out your commercial waste management plan with your employees.At my job, I work on a highly regulated product in a manufacturing facility. We follow a rigorous commercial waste management plan. My company’s chosen commercial waste management companies have some key requirements for how we generate our waste as well as how it gets shipped back to them. There are rules that govern what is and what isn’t allowed to be in the containers and bins. They also require us to educate our employees on their program.Commercial Waste Management is necessary to businesses, large or small, if they are going to stay in business. The fact remains that your employees are the ones responsible for ensuring waste is handled appropriately – no matter what steps you take with your commercial waste management company, employee engagement is required to ensure your plan is being followed correctly.When employees do not follow the commercial waste management plan, there will always be consequences when they get caught. But this does not motivate your employees to avoid breaking any rules in the future Firms must take the time to educate their commercial waste management personnel on what they can and cannot do.Whether its attracting new clients, keeping employees motivated or coming up with a unique central waste management plan, there are several ways to ensure your commercial waste management plan is on track and working in your favor.

Identifying Your Waste

A waste audit is the first step to identifying your commercial waste. It is a way for business owners to track how much products are being disposed of, their cost, the process they are going through when being disposed of and the effects it has on the environment. A waste audit should always be done with the help of a reputable commercial waste management company. You can match them with your needs using SUEZ’s service finder tool .Often the business owner is unaware of what materials their company wastes. Often a commercial waste management company may suggest an audit, but if that’s the case why do it? The reason for this is usually there is some amount of inefficiency in the business system or materials are going into the garbage that do not need to. For example, paper cups in the break room might be going into the trash when they could have been recycled.A waste audit helps business owners determine exactly what is going into their bins; whether this be waste food, garbage, or cardboard. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner who throws away a large amount of food that could be recycled or composted - a waste audit will help you identify where to improve.The first step to cutting your commercial waste is determining what is going into your dust bins and if any of those materials can be diverted. A waste audit, completed with the help of a reputable commercial waste management company, is an invaluable resource for business owners.

Matching Collection with Waste Type

Matching your commercial waste types to your collection type will save you money on your business refuse collections. If you have a bar, then you are most likely throwing away more glass than other industries. So why pay for a fancy bin lid or bin wheelie bin, when the cost of hiring a skip is much less? It’s important to take the time before you decide on which waste treatment method is right for you. Each industry generates different commercial waste and has different commercial recycling needs. And if you work in the hospitality trade, then this simple guide will help you match your commercial waste type with your collection method.As mentioned in the previous section, your business will produce different types of waste depending on the specifics of your operation. But if you’re not clear on exactly what type of commercial waste you’re producing, don’t worry—it’s a common problem. Businesses are not always aware of exactly what they generate and the best way to categorise it.In the last blog post, we talked about the different types of commercial waste produced by bars, restaurants, and hotels. By understanding how much of each type you produce, you can start communication with your commercial waste collection service about what type of collections to arrange for your business.Is your restaurant, pub, or bar generating plenty of food waste? Then consider a food waste collection service. Waste collections in Marlow filled with food waste will make composting easier for the Marlow council. Save yourself some time and hassle by collecting all your food and kitchen waste together.There are two types of commercial waste collections available to the majority of businesses: wet waste collection and dry waste collection, which is better for you will depend on the nature of your business.

Storing and Looking After Your Bins

To succeed with your commercial trash collection services, it’s important not to attempt to store all the waste in one place. If possible, create clear areas in your compound for each type of waste that is produced and have bins placed in these areas prior to the day that it will be collected. Do not cram multiple bins together in one area as this may mean that you are unable to identify which bin belongs to which type of waste by the time that it is full, causing the waste collection men to pick up the wrong bin.The preparation process begins two weeks before the actual bin swap. For commercial waste collection businesses, this means obtaining an inventory of bins from customers to know which companies should receive which containers for swapping. As long as a business has a customer’s consent, they can begin the swapping process and put in place the correct approach for storing bins before the swap.If trucks cannot fully access your commercial bins, the service provider is unable to load the entirety of your bin. This means that you are charged for an incomplete collection, as well as for additional pickups. By seeing to it that your commercial waste service provider has sufficient access to your waste bins, you can avoid these additional costs. Here are some ways to do this:. One important tip to remember is to keep your bins outside your door, or inside your building if it is a secure storage area. There are also further precautions that you can take.  If you have the space, having two waste bins will prevent one from overflowing. This prevents an additional collection fee, and also prevents you from having to unload a bin yourself.But what does ‘storing and loading your bins correctly’ mean? It’s important to have the correct size of waste bin for your business, so that you do not run out of room. If you keep adding to the same bin after exceeding its capacity, you will eventually need to pay for an additional bin or a visit from a tipping company.Storing your bins correctly can help you reduce your cost of waste collection as it prevents missed collections and encourages the recyclable material to be separated from the rest of the trash.

Whats Next?

We make it easy to manage your waste. Our services are fully transparent, we offer bulk discounts, and we never leave you with a surprise at the end of the month. We will not only find the most cost-effective way for you to recycle or dispose of your waste, but also help you understand the benefits of reducing your landfill waste. Waste management isn’t something that many businesses take an interest in, but it’s one area where making small changes can lead to big savings.On the topic of waste management, you may be interested to know that 360 Waste Management is Ireland’s fastest growing waste management provider. We offer a comprehensive range of waste solutions for any business. We are the only company in Ireland to offer commercial properties unlimited bins, which means we never restrict what your business can or cannot throw away!. We can help you with all aspects of your food waste management needs, from a huge variety of services for businesses of all sizes, to a simple home composting bin for people looking to reduce their waste. So if you eat, then we probably serve businesses like yours in some way.Have you ever thrown something away and then regretted it. Maybe there was hope for that item when you initially threw it away, but when it comes to junk removal 360 Waste Removal in Lynnwood can help you make sure that a different fate is in store for your future discards.We have what we believe to be the best waste management service in the UK, with flexibilty built in. Our 360-degree approach means that we look at all aspects of your business as part of our unique one-size-fits-all solution.


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